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Radiant Ride CEO Profiled in Fresno Business Journal

Earl Brown CEO

FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2014

Tell us about Radiant Ride.

Radiant Ride is a vehicle appearance maintenance program for new car buyers. What makes our program unique is our all-inclusive coverage. We cover the costs for most cosmetic repairs as well as surface protection damage. Today’s consumers keep their cars longer, so maintaining a vehicle’s appearance is more important than it was in the past.

Earlier this year, you were a finalist in the San Joaquin Entrepreneur Challenge, an American Idol style competition. How did that experience help you?

In addition to networking with fellow entrepreneurs in the Challenge, I received valuable advice and ideas from successful business owners who also served on the judging panel. Their critique of my business plan has enabled me to visualize company growth and implement strategies that will scale my company regionally, and throughout California. Through my participation, I was also able to develop a supportive relationship with the Small Business Development Center and staff.

What sparked your interest in the automotive aftercare market?

To start, I simply love keeping my own car looking great. I also have experience in the field. Right out of college, I worked for a car care products manufacturer. I learned the business from the ground up, starting with distributor training. That eventually led to sales and marketing management. Drivers, especially here in California, want their vehicles to look sharp. Between products and accessories, its a $22 billion a year industry nationally.

 Can you give us an example of how your program works?

Let’s say someone dings your door in a parking lot while you’re shopping. It’s a bummer. You can go home and try to fix it yourself, which is a hassle and doesn’t usually look good. You can pay someone to fix it, but that’s expensive. In these tough times, fixing a ding is definitely in the unnecessary expense category, so many people just live with their dings. But if you have a Radiant Ride warranty, the next time you have your car serviced, you can get that ding repaired at no extra expense or time involved.

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