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About Us

We specialize in professional cosmetic restoration services to keep your car looking new from the moment you first drive it off the lot to the time you purchase your next vehicle. Radiant Ride provides coverage for those inevitable mishaps that come with operating a vehicle. Our plan removes the worry about what you’re going to do with dings, rips, chips, etc. With today’s busy lifestyles, we are totally committed to making our services convenient and easy.

What we Repair


Provides coverage for (PDR) paintless dent repair. Removes minor dents and door dings.


Covers leather rips, tears, burns, punctures, scratches, and dye transfer.


Covers repair of plastic lens oxidation and fading. Maintains clear bright finish for headlight lens.


Covers damage caused by minor rock chips, stress cracks up to five inches.


Covers alloy wheels. Repairs damage caused by curb damage and corrosion.


Covers stains caused by food, drink, oil-based stains, and fast food stains, i.e., soda, coffee, mustard, ketchup and fries.

Car Paint Touch Up

Covers the cost of small repairs such as rock chips, scratches, small spots on panels, moldings and mirrors on original OEM paint finishes. Paint touch-up is a hand application of automotive paint using a small “touch-up” brush or apparatus
Radiant Ride Cosmetic Car Care Program.


of Radiant Ride

The best time to begin vehicle appearance maintenance is at delivery, when it is purchased. In doing so, wear and tear is delayed.

As a new car buyer, you represent the 70% who desire to protect their investment. In fact, most car buyers vow to maintain the appearance of their vehicles when they buy it. And for good reason, automobiles are the second largest investment that private consumers make in their lifetime.

Man restoring car upholstery.

Preserving that investment should be considered a priority. Industry experts agree that maintaining the cosmetic features of your car will preserve the appearance and dollar value of your vehicle. The Radiant Ride program is a complete automotive appearance package. We specialize in professional cosmetic restoration services. We partner with a network of dealerships and mobile restoration specialists. We are dedicated to providing a premier customer service experience and we strive to exceed customer expectations.

We provide coverage from the inevitable road hazards encountered when owning and driving a vehicle. With today’s busy lifestyles, convenient customer service is our main objective. Radiant Ride offers an alternative to enduring unsightly damage or incurring the expense of repairs. It also provides the ultimate peace of mind by eliminating the worry about unplanned cosmetic repairs.

Our Mission

To prolong that “new car feeling” with the most convenient auto cosmetic repairs.