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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Cosmetic Car Care Repair?

Cosmetic car care repair helps to diminish the appearance of wear and tear. By keeping your vehicle clean and using cosmetic repair services you will go a long way in preserving your vehicle’s appearance and value. The Radiant Ride Cosmetic Car Care program includes packages for repairing dents and dings, windshield chips, scuffed alloy rim repairs, leather rips or tears, vinyl seats, carpet and fabric stains, paint touch ups and restoration of foggy headlights.

How often can I have repairs made under the warranty period?

Radiant Ride is pleased to offer year- round service opportunities for cosmetic car repairs.
• Dents and Dings – 3 service calls per contract period
• Windshield – 5 service repairs per contract period
• Cosmetic Wheel – 4 service calls per contract period
• Leather/Vinyl – 3 service calls per contract period
• Fabric/Carpet – 3 service calls per contract period
• Headlight Restore – 2 service calls per contract period
• Paint Touch Ups – 3 service calls per contract period (Not all contracts include paint touch up)

What’s PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a process developed by automobile manufacturing production teams that uses specialized hand tools to gently push the dented metal back to its original form.

Radiant Ride covers the cost of repairs of minor chips caused from propelled rocks or other road hazards that are no larger than the size of a quarter. Stress cracks over one inch are not covered.

Windshield Chips. What size chip is coverage?

Radiant Ride covers the cost of repairs of minor chips caused from propelled rocks or other road hazard that are no larger than the size of a quarter. Stress cracks over 1 inch are not covered.

How do I schedule a repair?

You can schedule a repair through our website or call one of our participating dealerships.

What isn’t included in cosmetic wheel repairs?

Our repair process covers aluminum alloy wheels. These types of wheel surfaces are repairable under SMART Tech industry standards. Repair process for Clad Wheels, Chrome, and Machine Finished wheels exceed the cosmetic parameters of Radiant Ride’s program, therefore Radiant Ride is not able to cover these types of wheels.

What does Radiant Ride not cover?

Radiant Ride does not provide body-shop-level restoration coverage. Paint damage requiring refinishing or metal body panels requiring body fillers exceeds the cosmetic parameters covered under Radiant Ride’s program.

Does Radiant Ride provide repairs nationally?

Yes. Radiant Ride’s dealership partners are primarily in the California area, however if you register for Radiant Ride and move out of the area, you can still have your car repaired. Radiant Ride will always fulfill its contractual obligations. We will simply send a mobile tech in your area, to your home to make the repair.

I do not live in the Central Valley Sacramento area. Can I still buy a Radiant Ride Package?

Please contact us for more information. We are expanding and may be in your area soon!

When I schedule a repair, how long does it take to get an appointment for the repair?

Our dealership partners will schedule an appointment convenient for you. Many of our customers prefer arranging cosmetic repairs when they bring their vehicle in for routine maintenance. Doing so optimizes the one-stop convenience and will ensure timely repairs of cosmetic wear and tear. In other words, we strongly encourage you to schedule your cosmetic repairs when you bring your car in for routine service.

When receiving cosmetic repair work, if other damage is caused by the repair, am I covered?

 Yes! In the unlikely event we are responsible for additional damage to your vehicle during the repair process, we will inform you of the incident and make good on the repair.

If I am not happy with how the repair is done, what are the next steps?

We strive to make all our customers happy. Prior to any repair we discuss potential results in the hope we meet customer expectations. Our SMART Techs take pride in their work and have a good track record of creating happiness.

Am I covered for paint chip repairs?

Yes. Paint Touch Up is covered in our Platinum and Diamond programs. Radiant Ride can repair minor scratches and paint chips. Paint Touch Up is a process of hand-applying automotive paint using a small “touch-up” brush or apparatus.

Are carpet stains caused by my kids, pets etc. covered?

Yes. Carpet stains caused by kids and adults as a result of spilling popular beverages and coffee and other greasy products are covered. However, animal accidents, like urine stains, are not covered.

My dog tore my leather. Is that covered?

All depends. If the leather or vinyl becomes damaged as a result of accidental rips, punctures or tears less than one-inch long we can cover these repairs. However, if your dog rips through your leather and vinyl gaining access to foam padding creating a hole in the seat, this is not covered.