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Shiny blue car showing the benefits of a cosmetic car repair program


Radiant Ride Cosmetic Car Care Program
Now it’s easy to keep your car looking pristine. With the Radiant Ride Car Care Program, you get your dings, dents, tears, and more repaired just by taking your car into the dealership for routine maintenance. Or you can schedule a time for us to come to you! We partner with a network of auto dealerships and smart mobile cosmetic car repair specialists. Your friends will think your car is new year after year. You’ll love driving your “always new” car, and you’ll love the price you get when it comes time for resale.


Ding and Dent Repair

Car Upholstery Repair


Windshield Chip Repair

Wheel Rim Repair

Fabric and Carpet Stains Removal

Car Paint
Touch Ups

Cosmetic car repair tech at work

Schedule a Repair

Platinum Kit for cosmetic car care

Platinum Car Care Kit

Cameraman shooting promo for Radiant Ride Car Care Program

In the Press


  • I’m so impressed with how quickly Radiant Ride got my repairs done. Their customer service and attention to detail are great!

    Ashley Muro
  • They fixed my curb rash and it looks great!

    Desiree Mitchell
  • This service is fantastic... so convenient, and handles all of the needs to keep a new car LOOKING new. They do exactly what they say they do -- and they do it really well. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

    Layne Ryan
  • Thank you for the fast and detailed service to get my car in shape for guests over the holidays!

    Julie Holland
  • My hubcaps were so bad I thought I’d need to replace them. Beyond impressed with how well they repaired my curb rash—good as new!

    Leah Bignell
  • I am a tech for Radiant Ride for a long time and I’ve been in the industry for over 18 years. I have worked with a lot of warrenty company’s, and Radiant Ride has been the best bar none. They really go the extra mile when taking care of the customers. They are very quick to respond when a custumer has a question or is in need of their service.

    Ian Stapp
  • I love radiant ride! Whenever I go to the dealership I get my chips fixed! So convenient! I also love their customer service.

    Nicole Capitulo
  • Radiant ride always gets my repairs done quickly. Their customer service is great!

    Alyssa Anadon
  • Highly recommend the team at Radiant Ride. They make cosmetic care for my car easy and convenient!

    Dyllon Ryan
  • Well I just got to say that I AM VERY SATISFIED with the RESULTS 😊, I had RADIANT RIDE restore my FRONT HEADLIGHTS & man they CAME OUT LOOKING GREAT, they pretty much came out LOOKING LIKE NEW AGAIN,.. So for any one that is looking for some type of repairs like : Dings or Dents, Curb Rash on Rims, Chips on your Windows, or need your Headlights Restored I WOULD REALLY RECOMMEND THESE GUYS 👍. So I would like to give a special shout out to IAN or any other Tech that may have worked on my Headlights, I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU VERY MUCH, VERY AWESOME JOB ☺️👏👍 THANKS AGAIN... I wish I would have taken a before Picture but I didn't, but here are the RESULTS AFTER. Compaired to my FOG LIGHT (The Round One)... That's how my Headlights used to look like (Hazy).

    Audie Yvanes