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Waterless Wash


The best time to begin vehicle appearance maintenance is at delivery. In doing so, wear and tear is delayed. As a new car buyer, you represent to 70% who desire to protect their investment. In fact, most car buyers vow to maintain the appearance of their vehicles when they buy it.

In an effort to provide the best vehicle appearance program, we have created the “Platinum Car Care Kit.” This car care kit is one of a kind. It sets a new standard in appearance protection support.

And, because we are keeping our vehicles longer, and spending more time in them today, they’ve never been more subject to more wear and tear. Keeping it clean and utilizing Radiant Ride services will go a long way in preserving your vehicles appearance.

For this reason, we have included the necessary products to maintain your cars appearance. These car care maintenance tips offer good recommendations for the proper care of your interior and exterior finish.

We hope everything done for you has met your satisfaction. Please enjoy using the “Radiant Ride Platinum Kit.” Thank You!



  • EPIC Waterless Wash # RR3732
  • Shape Up Dressing  # RR4032
  • Xpress Interior Cleaner # RR1332
  • Brake Buster Wheel Cleaner # RR2632
  • Super Vision Class Cleaner # SP-750
  • Protectant Wipes #RR3078
  • Micro Fiber Clothes # S1141


  • Keep your vehicle clean between washes with Epic Waterless Wash on a regular basis. Use Micro Fiber Clothes to avoid scratching vehicle finish.
  • Clean interior surface spills and spots as soon as they are detected. Use terry cloth towel with even pressure to absorb spill. Turn towel over periodically to increase absorbency. If stain persists use Xpress Interior Cleaner to remove stain. Spray apply product and blot with damp cloth. Repeat process until stain has dissipated.
  • Protect your vehicle from the elements.
  • Annual detailing of your vehicle is always recommended to enhance your vehicles appearance and to extend the life of your vehicles quality appearance. Visit our Service Department for your detailing needs.

 EXTERIOR Maintenance Tips:

  •  Wipe your vehicle down once a week with Epic Waterless Wash, or between car wash visits to keep the painted surface free from environmental debris.
  • If you use an automatic car wash, look for a soft-touch brush system, one that utilizes high-pressure water and cleaning solutions to clean your vehicle
  • Avoid parking under trees, near construction areas, and out of direct sunlight whenever possible. Heat and ultra-violet light can cause fading, discoloration and disintegration of painted surfaces, fabric, rubber, and plastics. Tree sap, leaves, insect fluids, and bird-droppings can leave stains, water-insoluble spots, and even cause chemical etching on painted surface. Always remove environmental debris as soon as possible.

INTERIOR Maintenance Tips:

  •  Vacuum carpet and upholstery frequently to prevent premature wear from abrasion caused by dirt build up.
  •  Liquid spills should be blotted up as soon as possible using an absorbent towel or cloth. Use Xpress Interior Cleaner if necessary. Continue blotting until fabric is dry. Brush lightly with towel to blend fibers.
  •  For stubborn stains or for dried stains, use Xpress Interior Cleaner. Always blot the fabric firmly, never scrub which can cause permanent damage. Repeat if necessary.
  •  For oil-based stains, use hot water on towel in conjunction with Xpress Interior Cleaner. Follow cleaning directions above using a soft bristle brush if needed and extract with wet-dry vacuum.
  •  Crayon stains can be removed by placing a paper bag or several layers of paper towels over stain. Then place a warm iron directly over the area and the heat will draw the crayon onto the paper. Repeat if necessary.
  •  Ink stains can be removed by spraying the area generously with aerosol hair spray then blotting up with soft, absorbent towel. Rinse the area with water to remove any residue. Use steam cleaning method for cleaning carpets and upholstery.
  •  Keep leather and vinyl surfaces free from surface debris by wiping with damp, soft cloth. If necessary, use a mild solution of soap and water or saddle soap to remove dirt.

1. Dry Wash car with “Epic Waterless Wash.”

If possible move your car to a shaded area. Having your car in a shaded area will make the washing process much easier. Allow time for the paint surface to cool if your car is hot from sitting in the sunlight. Using Micro Fiber towel, with very light pressure rub Epic thoroughly over the sprayed area until the film haze that appears almost disappears.

2. Clean tires and rims with “Brake Buster.”

Spray “Brake Buster” on one wheel at a time. Make sure wheels are cool before application. Let stand for a period of 15-20 seconds to will allow the product to break down film and dirt. Rinse thoroughly with water. In case of extremely dirty wheels, use a soft brush or sponge scrub tires and rims with brush if necessary, rinse with water.

3. Cleaning the Interior of your car with “Xpress Interior Cleaner.”

Begin by opening the doors and removing all the trash floor mats and miscellaneous items. If you do not own a vacuum, go to a coin operated car wash. They usually have industrial strength vacuums that are specifically designed to clean cars. Vacuum the floor mats and the entire interior. Remember to vacuum under and around the seats (don’t forget to vacuum the sun visors and ash trays). Dampen one of the terry towels (you might want to obtain a few more towels, detailing cars consume a lot of clean towels.) and wipe down all the vinyl and leather surfaces to remove dirt and grime.

4. Clean Interior and Exterior Windows with “Super Vision”

If you have a heavy film buildup on your windows, pre-wipe them with a damp cloth prior to cleaning. By doing so, it will reduce the possibility of streaking. Spray windows with “Super Vision.” Wipe windows with clean dry towel. Take your time, clean windows add extra sparkle to a freshly detailed vehicle.

Congratulations! You have now completed an Express Car Wash on your car at home.