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You bet! With a Radiant Ride Cosmetic Car Care Program, you will always drive a car that looks so good your friends and neighbors will wonder how in the heck you do it.

That’s because a Radiant Ride warranty gives you easy access to professional cosmetic restoration services through an extensive network of dealerships and mobile specialists.

When you get a chip, dent, or ding, you simply make convenient repair arrangements. And we really mean convenient.

  • You can schedule the repair at the same time routine maintenance is done, like an oil change.
  • Or you can schedule one of our mobile specialists to come to your home or office.

  • So easy.

    If you have already purchased the Radiant Ride Cosmetic Car Care Program, congratulations and welcome to our website. Here you can find further information or you can request cosmetic repair.

    If you haven’t purchased our program yet, welcome. Explore our website to find out what is covered in our cosmetic car care program. Then give us a shout to ask a question or get started.

    Radiant Ride is dedicated to giving you first-class treatment and exceeding your expectations. Promise.

    Oh, and go ahead and let your friends and neighbors think you spend hours fussing over your car. We won’t tell.

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    As you may have heard, there’s a drought.
    Officials are calling on residential water users to fix leaky faucets, let their lawns go brown and avoid long showers.
    So for consumers passionate about keeping their cars clean, who prefer to wash their car themselves but want to avoid using a hose and bucket, Radiant Ride, an automotive cosmetic repair business in Stockton, is introducing a cleaning kit that requires no added water.